In this super simple tutorial, we will make a transparent glass style. If you already know the basics of Adobe Photoshop but all you want is the style, doing this tutorial might seem like a chore, so after the jump at the end of this post you can download the PSD source file.

Note: If You Are Just Starting Out With Adobe Photoshop, And Have A Hard Time Following The Basics Presented In This Tutorial. Consider Going Through Our Adobe Photoshop Essentials Series, Before You Dive In To More Advanced Material.


We will start this tutorial by creating the background layer, its nothing fancy since its not the main focus the tutorial, but it gets the job done. First create a New Layer and fill it with #ebedeb. Now download the pattern from the Download Assets section above, then apply the following styles on the layer through the Blending Options:


Now with the Type Tool type  “Glass.” somewhere around the middle. In this particular example I’m using the font Georgia, with size of 190 pt and italic style. Once done lower the Fill of the layer to 0%. This will make the layer invisible, technically the fill affects only the opacity of the layer without affecting the opacity of the layer style. Now open the Blending Options of the Text Layer and apply the following changes:

Inner Glow Blending Options
Satin Blending Options
Gradient Blending Options
Drop Shadow Blending Options


What we did here is, first by adding the Drop Shadow we created a sort of a soft outline of the text, then by adding the Inner Glow we added another layer of soft dark outline but now from the inside. With the Bevel and Emboss option we made the contour of text stand out simply by using highlights that are contrasted by Drop Shadow and the Inner Glow. Assuming that the light source is from the top, the Gradient Overlay adds highlight at the top and gradually darkens the bottom of the layer. Finally with the help of the Satin we further defined the contour of the layer.

Additionally if you are short on time and the layer style we made does not work on your specific font size or resolution, below you can find a download link for a premium glass layer style that will most likely get you covered.