If you are just starting out with Adobe Photoshop, you already know how overwhelming the learning experience can be. For that very reason, I will start a series of mini tutorials designed especially for beginners. Within them I will cover the very basics of Adobe Photoshop, so in the end you would have a deeper understanding of Adobe Photoshop and be able to follow advanced tutorials without a hitch.

Part 1: Interface
Part 2: Understanding Layers
Part 3: Layer Styles
Part 4: Brush Tool
Part 5: Pen Tool

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  • LindaCarol says:

    OMG Marijan!!!! Thank You SO much!!! NO ONE has ever taken the time to do this for me. I mean, THIS is exactly what I have needed so badly, for so long, and no one has ever wanted to show me these things. I always felt like I was asking them to show me their most personal areas of their lives!! YOU have taken the time to show me, in detail, how to do everything that I need to do everything that I need to succeed in making the best graphics in the office!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Thank you again from the Bottom of my Heart!!!