For today we have an update of a freebie I published a while ago called Flato Lite, and what you are looking at here is the CSS version of the same freebie.

There are some changes you should be aware of compared to the original file. For the buttons I changed the font from Montserrat to Lato, since I found Montserrat to be too thick on browsers that don’t utilize the WebKit engine, nonetheless it is still very similar to the original freebie. I left the original font without WebKit smoothing on the drop down element, so you can see the differences and decide for your self what you want.

Also make note that I used sprites for some of the elements on the UI kit, more specifically for some icons. For those elements my preferred method would have been Font Awesome straight away. Just in case you would need a single element only, I didn’t want to burden you with a web font.

I hope you enjoy and find great use of this freebie, I guess now its time to do the pro version with all the bells and whistles.

Marijan Petrovski  |