With flat design being the latest craze in the design community, doesn’t mean we should discard all the skeuomorphic effects, there are still gems to be found. For those of you refusing to jump on the flat band wagon, here is a little something for you, two transparent glass buttons.

UI Elements: Glass Buttons - Preview

Marijan Petrovski  |


  • HJ T says:


    This is really beautiful and would love to be able to use it. But the only thing is, when I tried to download the PSD, all I got is a JPG. I think you might have left it out by mistake. Reupload please? =) Thanks a lot though. This is very inspiring.

  • Danny says:

    Felicitaciones !!! Me gusta mucho el estilo del sitio y el contenido, ya estuve haciendo unas descargas, saludos!!!

  • Kar says:

    Thank you =)
    Beautiful work!