Vaio Con Dios

Preview of Vaio Con Dios

Author: Zhalgas Kassymkulov
Description: In its own right the font is impressive, but I must note, that there can never be a Vaio font. Since the font for the logo was specifically designed for that purpose.

The VA represent an analog signal as viewed on oscilloscope, which represents the past of Sony, since they first started by making portable radios. While the IO, represents a digital signal represented by the binary code 1 0 which in other words is the future for Sony. Impressive right?

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Preview of Asap

Author: Omnibus Type
“Asap offers a standardized character width on all styles, which means lines of text remain the same length. This useful feature allows users to change type styles on-the-go without reflowing a text body.

It is also available on Google Fonts for web use.

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Paihuen Mapuche

Preview of Paihuen Mapuche

Author: Benjamín Rivera
Description: Paihuen Mapuche illustrates the Mapuche heritage through typography.

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