PSD Template: Hexal

Hexal is a single page portfolio template that came out as a by product of various design experimentations with hexagons. In all honesty, initially I wanted to create a grid system solely based on hexagons, but the task was literally driving me crazy, and I cant image what it would have been like coding something like that.

As with most of my freebies, everything used is freely available for download. The font for the heading that I am using here is called Maven Pro, while the font for the body is Lato. The place holder images of the portfolio are creations of Juan Carlos Paz, make sure you check out his portfolio you will be very pleasantly surprised.

I will release a CSS version of this template also, but it will take a few weeks. Since at the moment I am finishing up the documentation for the Flato UI Kit, and after that Ill start working on Singolo. Make sure you subscriber to my newsletter and I will let you know when its done.

Hexal: Portfolio Template

I hope you like this template and find good use out of it, also make sure to subscriber in order to receive the CSS file as soon as it is done.


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